[Fashion & Styling] UW Certificate in Fashion: Concept to Market

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University of Washington  Professional & Continuing Education slogan

Usually when you think of the University of Washington, the huskies come to mind.  If you are more of an academic though, you may know the school has ranked highly in MedicineEngineering, and Business, but I bet not many of you know that they have a credible fashion program within their professional & continuing education division.

Explore your curiosity...A clever slogan for continuing ed, don't you think?  Certificate in Fashion: Concept to Market can empower entrepreneurs and designers.  The 9 months program is comprised of 3 courses, each taught by a different industry professional. Course #1 is finding your personal voice: concept and design, #2 is making the design a reality: creating your line, and #3, reaching your audience: marketing your line. Students in the past have raved about this program!  For only 3 hours (6:30-9:30pm) every Monday from Oct 7, 2013 to Jun 9, 2014, you can come out of it a star ready to launch your own label with confidence. And if you shine brighter than the rest like former student Lauren Hirt (2011-12), you could be the lucky winner to the next Olive J. Smith Fashion Scholarship, funded by FGI, Seattle.

If you're local, and looking for invaluable knowledge and a fast fashion degree, I highly recommend this to anyone looking to start their own clothing or accessory line.  As you'll probably notice, my name is on the fashion program advisory board, but believe me when I say this, I would never promote brands/products/services that I don't genuinely like, respect, and/or find interesting.  Now, click here for details and apply today!

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