[Design & Staging] How Small Decor Changes Affect a Room

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Rococo Mirror- Rococo style hand-carved mirror

1920s Odeon Glass Fringe Table Lamp | New Welles Crystal Table Lamp 

Cast Branch Coral Specimen

Restoration Hardware to me is like Dylan's Candy Bar to children (some adults too), every piece is delicious!  Their collections of timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions are an unmatched combination of high quality and inspired design.  

I find their products generally gender neutral, but perhaps lean slightly towards the masculine side. With that said, you can easily add feminine touches to the otherwise unisex room above.  Ready for this?  It'll require a little imagination...First, swap out the existing Parisian Iron Gate Table Lamp for the glass & crystal lamps. Then add curve and sexiness with the Rococo mirror.  Finally, replace the books and bookend with the coral specimen, which can be a unique and beautiful way to display your costume jewelry. 

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