[Fashion & Styling] DIY: How to Recycle & Reuse Your Clothes & Shoes

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Don't you hate when you rip your favorite jeans?  Unless it's a continuing style from that particular designer, sometimes it's even irreplaceable.  Worry not my friends, there's nothing threads and a needle can't handle.  I was cleaning out my son's closet the other day and realized many of his jeans are ripped around the knees (evidently, common among boys).  Some, he had outgrown anyway, but these still fits and are too darling to throw away.  So here's how I mended our favorite jean.  You can too---just follow the easy steps below:

Step 1:  get threads, needle, scissors, and an old article of clothing ready
Step 2:  cut out two pieces of cloth to be used for the holes/ripped area 
Step 3:  turn jean inside out, place fabric on top of the ripped area, hand stitch fabric around (about 1/4"-1/2") the outside the ripped area.  No sewing machine required.  
Step 4:  turn jean back to normal and voila!  You now have a pair of cool purposely distressed jean.   

get buttons the same size as the hole or larger

Half of the battle to doing anything is actually sitting down to do it.  So naturally, I wanted to cross off others on my fix-it list.  This Jodi Arnold cashmere sweater is a perfect example of a good investment piece.  Timeless, versatile and cannot be replaced as the once coveted contemporary designer brand no longer exist.  More reason for me to salvage it.

You can use pins, buttons, or thick threads to cover the hole in a fun whimsical way or simply stitch up the hole discreetly using the same thread as the sweater. 
Pins:  self-explanatory, just pin over hole
Buttons:  hand stitch novelty buttons onto sweater to cove the hole area. Fun!
Colored threads:  use thick contrasting color threads, stitch (sewing machine is preferred here) your initials onto sweater around the hole area.  A bit collegiate but totally preppy chic!

Last but not least, don't get rid of your favorite shoes unless you are bored of it or if it's beyond repair.  Here's a before and after of one of my favorite Chie Mihara shoes that I'm guaranteed with compliments from all kinds of strangers including men.  Find a local shoe cobbler and they can resuscitate your shoes like new.  If you're in the Seattle/Eastside area, Baileys Shoe Repair always does wonders.

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