[Fashion & Styling] A Tribute to Zara Founder, Rosalia Mera

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Zorba to Zara, Rosalia Mera's empire by theedgytimes

In memory of Spain's richest woman--Rosalia Mera's recent passing at age 69, this collage is a tribute to the ingenious Zara founder.  It was a sad coincidence that I just raved about the new fall collection to my hubby only to read about her passing the very next day.  Fast fashion is everywhere today, but Zara offers a good value...quality goods considering the low prices.  They produce imitations of the latest trends and catwalk must-haves, yet somehow they manage to keep an overall classy merchandise assortment; offering the mainstream high-street styling at affordable prices.

Mera, whose net worth is $5.5 billion, was in fact a school dropout to work as a seamstress at age 11.  In the Sixties, with former husband Amancio Ortega, she started making private label dresses for designers out of their living room.  Realizing later that they would profit more by selling directly to consumers, they founded Inditex and opened the first Zara store in 1975.  The couple had intended to call it Zorba after the "Zorba the Greek" movie, but a bar in the city had already claimed the name.  Since they already had molds for the letters, they opted for Zara.  Today, in 38 short years, the company has more than 6,000 locations for brands including Zara, Zara Home, Massimo Dutti and Bershka.  Zorba to Zara, the legendary Rosalia has left an enormous fashion empire for both fashionistas and budgetistas to enjoy.  R.I.P. Ms. Mera.     

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