[Design & Staging] Napa Valley's La Boheme Act 2

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I love all kinds of traveling-- work, mini getaways, girls' weekend trips, but best of all are family vacations.  It is during these special times that lasting memories are built, creating a strong family bond.  Since I'm not one to relax for too long, I usually like to explore what the destination has to offer, and talk to the locals because that's the best way to learn their culture.  

On my vacation to Napa Valley last week, I did just that.  Aside from the usual wine tasting, I visited St. Helena and found La Boheme, a French-inspired resale shop that stocks 90% of donations from local Napa Valley residents; 100% of the revenue goes to Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services.  Such a generous community!  We are not talking about leftover donations here.  On the contrary, high-end linens, silverware, vintage jewelry, and "steampunk" items, including lamps made out of old industrial parts and pieces can be found.  Items range in price from $1 to $1200 for bigger furniture pieces.  I found these substantial vintage wine glasses, $10 for 5 of them!!

According to Karen Rowland, the manager who calls herself a Shopkeeper, they have a small seasonal budget to purchase 10% new products to mainly add freshness to its store assortment. This also helps with her merchandising, which she has done a superb job considering the limited pieces, one-of-a-kind items she receive from donations.  The store is welcoming, and you get a sense of a treasure hunt is about to begin as soon as you walk in.  She is the only paid employee, everyone else is on a volunteer basis.  Hard to believe, I know!  Karen assured me that there are plenty of volunteers who truly want to help.  The reason she said, is NVHAD touches nearly everyone emotionally.  La Boheme started last summer with the purpose to add an additional source of funding for their services.  Well, it looks like that purpose has been served thanks to the kind souls of this charitable community.

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