[Design & Staging] Buried Underground? Earth Sheltered Homes

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Homes built underground or partially nestled into a mountainside (aka Earth Sheltered Homes) are pretty neat concepts.  Albeit not a new concept (Fallingwater 1935-1939 by Frank Lloyd Wright), it's one highly sought-after these days, especially for the green conscious home owners.

Contrary to what you'd think, they can be light, airy and modern.  Simply check out the Edgeland House (above) and House in Chihuahua (below).  The Edgeland is a bunker-style home owned by Chris Brown on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.  Lawyer by day, science fiction writer by night, Brown hired architect Thomas Bercy to build this no heating system required, unobtrusive visually and ecologically cliff-top House.     

Productora via Digs Digs

This modern mountainside home is ideally situated on a northern Mexico golf club. Partially buried beneath the mountain's slope, House in Chihuahua has a self-regulation climate control that naturally accommodates the drastic 20-degree drop from day to night.  The roof is designed as one continuous line that inclines up the mountainside. From the outside, the house is framed in a white facade enclosed by grass and earth. Inside, the house features living spaces with massive windows that open onto outdoor patios and rooftop decks, providing natural lighting, and spectacular views from every room.  Hanging out on the roof is as easy as cake, talk about a bird's eye view of the neighborhood.

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