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Boy Meets Girl by theedgytimes

A long coffee break with Revel Creative Group CEO, Cynarah Ellawala last month, led me to becoming one of the monthly contributors to Moda & Estilo.  Spearheaded by marketing guru- Cynarah, M&E is an online magazine focused on global lifestyle and emerging fashion.  They scour fashion weeks near and far (NYC to Portland) to discover, then feature up-and-coming talents and real-life stylish peeps.  Needless to say, you'll also find the latest trends, fabulous stores, and the hottest events.  

Without further ado, I'm happy to share my first Moda & Estilo trend report!

If you weren't one of the lucky bunch who made it to F/W '13 Fashion week in New York or abroad, I'm sure by now you're noticing the hot menswear trend everywhere!  On the runways, the most obvious 'his is hers' trend were the oversized outerwear.  Now I don't know about you, but oversized topcoats screams early '90s throwback, which wasn't a favorite fashion moment for me.  However, fashion is cyclical, and generally gets better the second or third time around.  With that said, I'm loving the menswear inspired trend this season.

Taking a cue from the boys, think cable knit sweaters, pinstripes, tweeds, oxfords, brogues and juxtapose it with a feminine twist.  A tuxedo dress, a gold zippered tweed pencil skirt, a bold colored fedora hat are all perfect examples of the masculine yet feminine mix.  Just remember though, to embrace a runway trend, bring it down a few notches to meet your day-to-day lifestyle.  Take a look at the fashion collage for styling tips, by adding a pair of skinny jean, you can have 2 discerning office and weekend outfits. Outfit #1, button down shirt + skirt + bag + shoes + coat = professional attire.  Outfit #2, sweater + skinny jean + bag + shoes + jacket + hat = chic weekend wear.  For you tomboys, this is your season!           

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