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Open Space City Living by theedgytimes

I'm currently visiting a dear friend who lives in a city on the east coast.  While the daily bus commute has been magical for my son, I've been getting some side benefits as well from our leisure walks.  

I must say the whole city-living lifestyle is a nostalgia for my former single life.  So allow me to reminisce a bit.  Single life in Manhattan was fab and carefree.  The pedestrian friendliness, culture, and convenience to everything from 24/7 delis to the best Broadway shows were priceless. However, unlike the renowned interior designer Jaime Drake, most of New York City residents do not live in luxury. In a studio loft, I was often inspired by Japanese architecture to maximize space and create my own 'rooms', which was more like designated areas within the studio.  As odd as it was for friends who visited from the suburbs, it was quite normal to find a bike or mannequin next to the kitchen or fireplace in my 'living room'.

Of course, I had refined taste even then, but my home decor and furniture pieces were mostly from Ikea or brands that were equally budget-friendly.  Aside from the obvious, why spend so much on a rental home, right?  Wrong.  I probably should have adopted the same philosophy shopping for furniture as I did with apparel- buy fewer pieces but good quality pieces.  The one splurge item I bought identical to this one is still proudly sitting in my office today.  That was about 15 years ago!  Talk about value, the sentimental value in that is priceless.

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