[Fashion & Styling] How To Dress For Holiday Soirees?

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Check out this current and my previous contributing post on Moda & Estilo.  M&E is an online magazine focused on global lifestyle and emerging fashion.  They scour fashion weeks near and far to discover, and feature up-and-coming talents and real-life trendsetters.  

Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow?  With the plethora of holiday festivities upon us, I'm giving you my take on how to dress for the modern soirees.  Once in a blue moon, I yearn to be completely decked out, but there simply isn't an occasion special enough for it.  Even at the symphony, I've noticed people wearing jeans these days.  

Whether you are glamorous, sophisticated, or chic by nature, there are certain silhouettes and fabrications that are proven holiday staples.  Satin/charmeuse, sequins, metallic, and bedazzled embellishments are fantastic for this time of year gatherings.  Despite my personal style being edgy yet timeless, which at times consist of items that are not tight-fitting; womanly cuts and stunning accessories are most popular for cocktail parties. Depending on how elaborate your occasion is, and using products above for reference, here is my break down on how fancy you need to dress:   

For Black Tie (opera/symphony/fund-raise) - a metallic fit-flare dress or metallic jacquard halter dress + striking earrings + sexy cutout heels or sculptural pumps + textured woven leather clutch = glamorous      

For Cocktail Party (office party/dinner & dancing) - a bold regal colored (red, royal blue, wine) dress + striking earrings + sexy cutout heels + textured woven leather clutch = sophisticated     

For Private Party (house party/smaller event) - 1. embellished deep-V tank + glimmer skinny jean + sexy cutout heels + textured woven leather clutch  2. color-block/twist tops + flare jean + striking earrings + sculptural pumps + textured woven leather clutch = chic.  When it comes to house party, always follow the hostess's lead to adjust for the degree of fanciness.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!     

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