[Live Life] How To Be More Photogenic

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Peter Hurley's The Art Behind The Headshot
Left side, normal headshots | Right side, Peter's headshots


It is that time of year again!  As the end of 2013 is drawing near, you'll start noticing "The Top 2013..." lists popping up.  I just came across one yesterday- Fashion Moments of 2013 by WWD.  In it, I found out that Intermix was acquired by Gap Inc. earlier this year. Given my own respect for both the Gap and Intermix, it was a bit shocking that I missed such big news.  

Another miss?  Model turned photographer Peter Hurley's wildly successful YouTube tutorial on how to look incredibly photogenic.  I thought I was pretty current with fashion and pop culture phenomenons (here and here for instance), but apparently not.  So, if you already know about Peter Hurley's photographic techniques, feel free to share your thoughts.  The holiday season makes great photo opportunities, which is why I would like to share his portrait photography tips regardless.  After all, who wouldn't want to look 10 lbs thinner and possibly younger on camera?

What separates Peter Hurley's approach to photography is his ability to connect with all his clients.  He tends to draw out each client's natural beauty by making them feel comfortable and relaxed.

Tip #1- Create a chiseled face

When taking pictures straight-on, thrust your forehead forward to minimize unflattering double chin or rolled neck.  This will make your face appear thinner and more defined. 

Tip #2- Get on your good side
When taking pictures slightly sideways, thrust your ear towards the camera to appear more chiseled.  Most people subconsciously know which is their good side.  If you don't, a good indicator is most people part their hair on their better side.  

Tip #3- Squinching = squinting + pinching (similar to the famous Tyra Banks' smizing)
Unless you're a model or entertainer who's used to the spotlight, most people freeze up in front of a camera. Squinching and head tilting gives photographs expression, resulting in approachable yet confident headshots.

Now watch the video above and give it a go!  Being not so photogenic myself, I couldn't wait to try Hurley's pointers over my Thanksgiving getaway recently, and it actually worked!!  

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