[Live Life] Makeup Tips: From Day-to-Night

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Makeup infogrpahic by Macy's

This is a sponsored post by Blue Polo Interactive on behalf of Macy’s.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

When I got invited to share this makeup infographic, and never one to hold back on a good find, I was delighted to oblige.  For a no fuss, minimalist makeup amateur like myself, this guide is quite useful.  I tend not to touch up my makeup throughout the day because I detest the caked-on look. Once I leave the house, that's it...unless you count the occasional removal of mascara smudges as touch up.

This tutorial is now sitting next to my vanity table.  Its day-to-night makeup transformations are easy to follow.  Ultimately, saves me time, and each additional application is light creating a more natural look, whether it's the beginning or end of a day. 

I hope you will find it helpful too!  


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