[Fashion & Styling] Spring/Summer 2014 Top Trends

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Trend #1- Walking Picasso | Celine, Prada, Jil Sander 

Trend #2- See Me See Me Not Chiffon | Fendi, Giorgio Armani, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Trend #3- Pleats Please | Christian Dior, Celine, Ports 1961

Trend #4- Sports Authority | Jil Sander Navy, Iceberg, Alexander Wang

Image source:  style.com

Spring is looking bright!  The Pantone color palette is a pairing of soft pastels with vivid colors, with violet tulip and dazzling blue leading the way.  Trends also varied widely like silk lames, and the return of culottes that Victoria Beckham sported at her runway show.  

What I love about the four trends here are how easily you can incorporate them into any wardrobe. Trend #1- Walking Picasso, think of your clothes as a canvas for the painterly print; a great opportunity to express your individuality and confidence.  Trend #2- See Me See Me Not Chiffon, the lightness of the fabric is sexy layered under or over something.  For example, layer the blue Armani dress under a tunic to dress down for day time.  In contrast, layer a camisole or bandeau under the Fendi or 3.1 Philip top for a more modest look.  Trend #3- Pleats Please, pleated skirts were all over the runways, but let's not forget, pleats have been a classic since the 1700's.  The numerous types of pleats (box, knife, accordion pleats...), tend to find its way back to center stage every few seasons.  Trend #4- Sports Authority, not your usual dowdy athletic wear. Sweatshirts, track pants, and basketball shorts made of lux materials such as technical mesh, leather, and silk that really calls for heels, not sneakers.

If you find bold prints or vibrant colors intimidating, don't!  Think of it this way, we all interpret art differently, and since fashion is a form of art, there is no harm in adding these trends to update your spring wardrobe.  

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