[Live Life] REPOST: Nita Lake Lodge, the #1 Resort in Whistler

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Nita Lake Lodge, Winter view

Nita Lake Lodge, Summer view

Nita Lake Lodge lobby

Nita Lake Lodge Aura restaurant

Rainbow Carrot salad

It is that time of year again, the mid-winter break itch, and I'm sure all you snowbound folks are feeling it the most!  What is that saying that when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade?  Well, snow is what you've got, how about enjoying all the snow recreation to the fullest.  Start by booking TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice #1 resort in Whistler!     

jREPOST FROM 12/09/12
I was finally able to scratch that winter get-away itch the past few days.  Even though the destination- Whistler, BC was a winter wonderland rather than scorching desert, I had a blast.  Now, I know Whistler has abundance of accommodation choices, but I'm partial to boutique hotels.  Second time around at Nita Lake Lodge, I'm more satisfied than ever. Established since 2008, this resort has expanded and improved since our initial visit in 2010.   

Nita Lake Lodge's privileged position overlooking Nita Lake was carefully chosen long before it was built. From the start, it was envisioned to be a truly luxurious accommodation that provides both the private beauty that comes only with waterside property and the convenience of being steps from the base of Whistler Mountain.  For whatever reason you choose not to drive, they provide 24 hour shuttle service into Whistler Village.  A Range Rover was used as the shuttle on our first visit, how's that for luxury!

Whistler is a Skier's paradise, though for an Après-Skier like myself, there are still lots to do.  I have tried the Zipline, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing before, but Snowshoeing is my usual activity.  A bit wimpy you might say?  Well, I took my 3 year old tubing this time... does that count as dare-devilish?  If you really can't stand the cold, shopping is another relaxing outlet.  Delicious dinning, spa & fitness, and nightlife... there's truly something for everyone.  The best part of this trip was that it was only a short 4 hours away!

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