[Fashion & Styling] The A - Z of Best Boutiques Series: Anastasia Boutique

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Plein Sud draped waistcoat

Serien°Umerica asymmetrical sweater

Vivienne Westwood 2-tone skirt

Complex Geometries x LD Tuttle perforated wedge booties

Simona Tagliaferri pochette clutch

MaxxMaximus bracelet | Vivienne Westwood scarf

Image source:  AnastashiaBoutique.com

Dear fans, I'm back from the abyss!  The past 2 months have been insanely busy.  Besides that, the longer I was away from blogging, the more awkward it felt to return...kinda like when you attempt to repair a cracked friendship.  Except, thanks to you loyal and new fans, my site metrics remained about the same.  So as to not disappoint you, I've come up with a new blog series called "The A - Z of Best Boutiques" throughout the U.S.

Recently, I've reconnected with some clients from my former boutique.  And, the flattery I received was often how they've missed my shop; friendly service and sophisticated yet unique product offerings are rare. That got me thinking, how can I not share what I know? There are so many amazing boutiques that are true hidden gems throughout the country. Sadly, they are and will most likely remain undiscovered, unless 1) you live in the local area of that particular gem, 2) if they have a top notch e-commerce site with killer SEO  & marketing, or 3) they're constantly in the press.  I should clarify, 'press darling 'shops don't necessarily mean they are amazing.  

I understand how difficult it is for the boutique shoppers to find those unique exciting pieces, which is why I want to promote discerning independent boutiques.  Unfortunately, I can only do so with the ones who have some sort of web presence.  Whether it be through a luxury marketplace like Farfetch.com or their own E-Sites.  First on my list is Anastasia Boutique.  Established in 2011, this shop focuses on designers from Europe, Japan, and Belgium.  Featured brands such as Maison Martin Margiela, Peachoo + Krejberg, and Rick Owens tend to lean more on the avant-garde side.  There is no such thing as shop till you drop here. With a cool cafe in the shop, you'll have plenty of caffeine and fresh squeezed OJ to keep you energized!  

Anastasia Boutique | 460-470 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach, CA 92651 | 949.497.1212 | AnastasiaBoutique.com

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