[Fashion & Styling] Kickstarter Success: Mollypacks

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leather card wallets 4" x 2.75"

black embossed python Envelope Mollypack as a clutch

Circle Mollypack in wine color 

Circle Mollypack in soft black | blue croc

Envelope Mollypack in vintage green | black embossed python

Image source:  Kickster & Mollypacks

These days, if you've got an idea, and are committed enough to go after it, crowdfunding is the best way to go.  No VC funding or bank loan, no interest or the added pressure to succeed!  Entrepreneurs by nature are hard on themselves already.  If you think about it, crowdfunding has been around for decades where non-profits and politicians use it frequently by hosting charity events.  

Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.com and Indiegogo.com are now funding all sorts of creative projects everywhere, while building communities around the projects. Introducing, Re-introducing the fanny packs that are way cooler than the ones we loathed in the 80's.  Seriously, it was such a granny/tourist stigma that premier designers like Gucci, Hermes, and Tory Burch in recent years are eager to label it a new name--the belt bag.  However, leave it to a young and bold NYC based designer to call it like it is, leather fanny packs by Mollypacks.  

With 5 more days to go, this Kickstarter Staff Pick has already surpassed her goal of $15,000, currently at $23,679 pledged.  Molly Shaheen is the creator of this project, and designer of Mollypacks.  Her background in fabric buying and development in the fashion industry naturally made it easier for her to source and work with the reliable factories.  Her well produced upbeat and engaging video, as well as, an organized execution of her concept all contributed significantly to her Kickstarter success.  All fanny packs are made in NYC of 100% Italian leather.  They are unlined on purpose to expose the richness of the leather, and will have an embossed stamp with "molly shaheen made in NYC" branded inside.  It can be worn as a fanny pack, a clutch, or even over the shoulder by changing the orientation of the removable straps.  The straps are designed like a belt, which are detachable and adjustable to be worn separately.       

In today's fast-paced society, we can certainly use an extra hand.  These hands-free Mollypacks are stylish and practical.  So join Kickstarter and support this project!

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