What clients are saying ...

On TET Consulting & Styling

“Francine is a visionary buyer, she does not shy away from taking risks with new collections. What gives her confidence is solid understanding of her customers’ needs, impeccable sense of style and her business acumen. She thinks big and often outside of the box. Attention to detail, ability to keep her focus on key priorities and high sense of responsibility are Francine's distinguishing features as a business owner.”
- TG, Owner of Bridge Showroom, CA
"Francine's magic is her ability to readily pull together sophisticated, coordinated pieces. Her professionalism and creativity in creating chic, low maintenance looks match our company image nicely. At her direction, our Executive Account Management team looks great, and have renewed confidence.”
- CH, NW Kinetics, WA

"As a stay-at-home mom of two young boys it is very difficult to find the time to go shopping for myself so I enlisted Francine's Wardrobe Edit service. In two hours, Francine was able to show me over 20 new outfits from clothes I already had in my closet. She made the experience a lot of fun, and has saved me time and guess work in getting dressed! I highly recommend Francine as she is able to quickly assess my style, needs and goals. She is non-judgmental and is a true pleasure to work with!"
- QF, Stay-at-Home Mom, WA
On Men's Personal Styling - J. Hilburn

"For me, shopping equaled torture until I started working with Francine.  She makes the process easy and fun.  My wife likes the results and now with J. Hilburn it is even easier. They have all my measurements, if I can't schedule an appt with Francine, I can order directly via the web.  She has helped me strike a look that is stylish and comfortable!"
- Don K, Director, Telecommunications, WA

"I've always appreciated Francine's impeccable taste in fashion (my wife shops with her), so when I heard that she is now working with J. Hilburn, I said yes... sight unseen.  After our first session, once again I was impressed by her expert opinion and attention to detail when measuring me for my custom shirt.  It just so happened that the day my J. Hilburn shirt arrived, another shirt arrived from a local shirt maker.  Not only did the J. Hilburn shirt fit better and cost less, it also arrived in about 1/2 the time.  I'm now a believer in custom-made clothing and can't wait until my next order."
- Monte M, Manager, Commercial Sales, WA

"Francine's very personable and friendly, and makes you feel at ease, as she helps select the best look for you.  I like that she listens, but pushes me to try colors, and pattern combinations that I usually don't think of wearing.  The shirts and jacket arrived yesterday, and they look great and fit perfectly."
- Robert S, Attorney, WA

On Women's Online Styling - Keaton Row

"Wow! I am so impressed! You really "get what I'm looking for--thank you! Now I just need to figurre out what exactly to order (and what i already have in my wardrobe) but you got the style right on. I also love the little notes on each item--what a thoughtful touch--and so helpful! I'm really excited--you did a great job."
- Rachel G, Teacher, MD

"The entire Lookbook was a hit!!! I found many items that I loved. The tops are cute. I particularly get compliments on the Vince Camuto Ivory wrap sleeveless and the Michael Kors green patterned one! The jackets are a must for the office! The AG jeans fit well, size 27. Jewelry completes the looks. The bracelets are versatile!"   
- Heather S, Accountant, TX

"I was impressed that you seemed to get exactly what I was looking for without much input from me :) I look forward to future lookbooks from you!"   
- Taryn H, Stay-at-Home Mom, VA

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